IT Virtualization

IT Virtualization

Technical Diploma

This program provides students the skills necessary to support a virtualized data center. The student will gain the skills needed to manage, configure and troubleshoot common virtualization issues and install virtual servers, workstations and applications to support an IT data center in a corporate environment.
Virtual technologies are becoming critical to today's companies. Why? Computer virtualization allows multiple individual operating systems to be run and controlled on a single physical server. Machine virtualization allows companies to support the number of servers and/or workstations they require for business functionality while minimizing the amount of physical hardware required. The result is decreased hardware cost, decreased electrical requirements, decreased cooling requirements, and decreased physical space requirement

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Program Outline

Term 1
Course # Course Title Credits
1015011400 Cisco Networking 1

This course explores enterprise networking protocols, numbering systems, media access control, Ethernet, ARP and ND communication, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, and security on routers and switches. This course is the first of three aligned with the Cisco CCNA (200-301) certification exam.

1015012000 Virtualization Basics and Initial Configuration

This course will introduce Virtualization in the infrastructure; including how to initially setup and configure a virtualized environment. Prerequisite: 1015011400 Cisco Networking 1 (C or better).

1015012400 Virtualization Machine Setup and Troubleshooting

This course will explore how to create, configure, and troubleshoot virtual machines. Prerequisite: 1015011400 Cisco Networking 1 (C or better).

1015012800 Virtualization Environment Management

This course will explore how to manage, monitor, and maintain a virtual infrastructure. Prerequisite: 1015011400 Cisco Networking 1 (C or better).

1015018100 Server Operating System Installation and Setup

This course will explore server installation and setup of operating system, networking, storage, and virtualization.

1015018400 Server Access Setup and Policies

This course will explore user access setup and configuration of permissions and group policies.

1015018800 Server Managment and Services

This course will investigate that various services that the server OS can offer and how to manage and maintain the server OS.


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*Based on 10-level courses—materials, books, and fees may be additional

What You'll Learn

  • Understand data center virtualization concepts
  • Understand the different virtualization technologies
  • Deploy and manage virtual machines
  • Manage a virtualized environment

Your Potential Careers

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Help-Desk Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Median Annual Salary

$60,751 $69,952 $89,387
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EMSI 2022.1

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