Outdoor Adventure Series

Experience Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods through the Nicolet College Outdoor Adventure program. On your path expert instructors will open new doors and teach you new skills all while nurturing a greater appreciation and understanding of our natural world.

There's something for everyone


Enjoy the Great Outdoors

downhill alpine racing

Add Some Adventure

snowshoeing in winter woods

Fun for Families

skiing with dog
Winter Classes
  • Skijor With Your Dog!

  • Winter Ecology Snowshoe Hikes

  • Beginning & Intermediate Classic Cross Country Skiing in Rhinelander and Minocqua

  • Beginning & Intermediate Skate Cross Country Skiing in Rhinelander and Minocqua

  • Intro to Downhill Skiing

  • Alpine Ski Racing

  • Intro and Next Level Fat Biking

Strenuosity Scale

Strenuosity Rating - The number after each course title lets you know how strenuous we rate each course.

S1 = Not strenuous, most likely a stationary experience.

S2 = Slightly strenuous, does not require prior physical conditioning

S3 = Some physically demanding aspects, requires some endurance

S4 = Challenging and requires a good physical condition

The Right Boat

Which boat is right for each class?

C = Canoes Only

SK = Sea Kayak (16-18 Foot)

RK = Recreational or Shorter Kayak (12-14 Foot)

Connect with Our Outdoor Adventure Coordinator

Are you an Outdoor enthusiast with a specific expertise that you would like to teach others? If so, contact Terry about the possibility of teaching a class in the Outdoor Adventure program.

Terry Rutlin

Terry Rutlin

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator
Red Oak Center - 103
P: 715.365.4681
800.544.3039 ext 4681

E: trutlin@nicoletcollege.edu