Career & Leadership Development

Student development opportunities to enhance your personal and professional life. Take advantage of opportunities that will help you develop new skills, gain experience, and enhance your resume.

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Join Handshake to Get Hired

Handshake is a network that brings together students, colleges, and employers all on a single platform. With so many schools on the network, Handshake has become a major channel for employers to source students. Create your account and check it out. Use your Nicolet College credentials to log in and create your account.

Benefits of Handshake:

Apply for jobs | Explore program-related careers | Discover positions and their wages | Enjoy 24/7 online access | Upload your resume for employers

For questions about Handshake or Career Center email or call 715.365.4692

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Connect with Mentor Collective

The Mentor Collective program enhances the student experience by linking them one-on-one with an alumni, employer partner, community member, college staff or faculty mentor. Students are paired with someone invested in their success — a person ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges and recognize opportunities. Click the button below to get started today.

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Explore Nontraditional Occupations

Non-Traditional Occupations (NTO) are careers in which less than 25 percent of the workforce is made up of one gender. For Nicolet College this could include women in welding, IT, criminal justice and automotive. For men this could include cosmetology and nursing. It's important to consider all of your career options, which may include a non-traditional line of work.  Some advantages of non-traditional occupations are higher wages, good benefits, advancement opportunities and work you enjoy.

"Thank you for having such an enriching program available to us! I feel comfortable saying that I've learned more applicable life skills in the last few months, during this program alone, than any other class or certification I've had before. I would recommend it to all Nicolet students."

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Big Interview

Big Interview is an online learning system that combines training and practice to help improve interview skills and build confidence. Try out all the fun applications Big Interview has to offer. Click the button below to get started.


Participate In Leadership

The Student Leadership Council is Nicolet's student government organization. All students are automatically members and are encouraged to attend meetings and participate as Members at Large.

Clubs For You

Student clubs and organizations are an important part of the student experience at Nicolet. By joining a club, you have a great opportunity to gain educational experience and meet fellow students with common interests. 

Activities & Events

Frisbee golf, outdoor movies, and popcorn Wednesday's are just some of the activities on campus. Check out the students events page and watch for email announcements for more upcoming events. 

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