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As a stay-at-home mother of three, Dani Lilek decided it was time to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. “Going back as a non-traditional student with all the responsibilities of home life was a little nerve wracking, but my instructors made it very comfortable, and I don’t think I’m alone as a non-traditional student.” Dani is right, she was not alone. 27% of Nicolet College students are 30-years-old and older. “I felt very valued when I was there, as a person, as a student. They didn’t just see me as a number that they needed to get through.”

In 2016, Dani started slowly by taking one or two prerequisite courses each term until she was able to begin the Nursing program in 2017. Halfway into the program, Dani faced challenges at home. “I became a single mom of three kids, had to support myself financially, and had to get a job very quickly,” Dani says. That’s where the Nicolet College Foundation came in. She explains, “I was ready to throw in the towel, and I remember getting a call. I was working as a waitress at the time, and I was told, ‘We are going to be able to help you out with some of your tuition.’ It was a game changer. I went from thinking I needed to put nursing school on the back burner to being able to move forward with it.”

The game changer for Dani was our donors. “They allowed me to finish school in a timely fashion. They supported me financially so that I was able to focus on what I needed to learn. The fact that I was so well supported through Nicolet and was able to become an effective member of this community as a nurse to help others in my community, it’s just a full circle effect.”

Dani always believed that nursing was her calling, saying, “I knew I wanted to work with people during times of need. It comes naturally for me to want to help others, and on top of my passion for wanting to help others and promote health and wellness to others in my community, I also needed to find something that would suit my family.”

While completing the Nicolet College Nursing program, Dani worked as a student nurse at Aspirus Tomahawk Hospital and started working as a nurse intern when she graduated in April of 2020. When she passed her state board exam in June of that year, she began her career as a registered nurse. She works in the Acute Care Unit and says it’s even more rewarding than she thought. “I love my patients. I feel like I’m challenged at work and I’m constantly growing in my career and that’s a good feeling,” Dani explains.

“Thank you for supporting the students at Nicolet College.” Dani goes on to say, “Everyone has struggles in life and you help them to become successful and eventually part of our community. Your gift as a Foundation donor matters. It impacts the students at Nicolet College in a very positive way and it’s much appreciated.”

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