Safety and Equal Opportunity Access

Title IX Overview – Nicolet's Commitment to Safety and Equal Opportunity

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination. Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment, sexual violence, and any other sex-based misconduct, relationship violence, discrimination based on pregnancy, and the failure to provide equal opportunity in all areas of schooling such as admissions, educational programs or activities, and athletics.

In accordance with Title IX, and consistent with Nicolet's commitment to human dignity, any type of sexual discrimination or other unlawful discrimination or harassment is taken seriously and is promptly investigated by the college.  Sexual discrimination includes gender inequity as well as all forms of sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault and other acts of sexual violence. The college will take prompt action to eliminate the sexual discrimination or misconduct, prevent its recurrence and address its effects.

All members of the Nicolet Community should read and be familiar with the college's policies and procedures regarding response to incidents of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and any other form of unlawful discrimination or harassment.

View a full copy of the college's comprehensive Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity    

View a full statement of the college's Procedures for investigation and resolution of reports of sexual harassment, or any other unlawful harassment or discrimination.

If you are unable to access PDF documents on this page, please contact the Vice President of Administration at or 715-365-4550.

Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

Nicolet's Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators are available to provide information concerning the college's policies, resources and to discuss concerns related to Equal Opportunity issues, including sexual misconduct or sexual harassment.

Title IX Coordinator

Kristina Aschenbrenner, Vice President of Administration
Red Oak Center

Deputy Coordinators

Tim Gerdmann
Fieldside Center

Christin Van Kauwenberg
Red Oak Center, Room 232


How to Report Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, and Stalking

Report sexual assault, stalking, domestic abuse, and other criminal activity to Nicolet Public Safety at 715-365-4999.

The College recommends that victims should immediately report any of these offenses to local law enforcement.

  • In an emergency call 911
  • Non-emergency contact numbers:
    Rhinelander Campus - Oneida County Sheriff’s Department 715.361.5100
    Lakeland Outreach Center - Minocqua Police Department 715.356.3234

When safe to do so, report crimes to Campus Security or ERT. As soon as possible, report the assault to ERT; ERT will take action and issue a timely warning if the perpetrator remains at large. Reports may also be made to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators (hyperlink) . You may remain anonymous when making reports.

If reporting the crime to College staff, they can assist in reporting the crime and/or contacting support services. Regardless of where the offense occurred, victims will be provided a written explanation of his or her rights and options. The victim will also receive written notice of available assistance in changing academic and working situations if those changes are requested by the victim and reasonably available, regardless of whether the victim reports the offense to campus security or local law enforcement.

The College prohibits retaliation by its officers, employees, or agents against a person who exercises his or her rights or responsibilities under any provision of Clery, Title IX, and/or VAWA.

Victims do have the option to, or not to, notify and seek assistance from law enforcement and campus authorities. Victims uncomfortable with calling the police should call the 24-hour crisis hotline at 800-236-1222 or 715-362-6800.

Preservation of Evidence

All evidence is important to assist in investigation and arrest of the perpetrator, and for obtaining a protection order. Victims should preserve as much evidence of the crime as possible. Do not shower, change clothes, or wash away evidence.

At Nicolet, We Speak Up for Safety – Online Reporting

It is important to recognize and report incidents of unfair treatment, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, as well as other unlawful discrimination and harassment.  Nicolet College encourages full disclosure of all behaviors of concern.  Reports may be made online from any computer location, on campus or off campus:

All Nicolet employees have a duty to report incidents of policy violation including sexual assault, sexual harassment and any other forms of unlawful discrimination or harassment.

Don't Stand By – Speak Up

Nicolet is committed to fostering a learning environment that is safe and conducive to academic success for all students. Everyone shares responsibility for maintaining this environment by following college policies and exemplifying respect for others.

It is important that members of the Nicolet community recognize unfair treatment, including sexual misconduct, and Speak Up to prevent and reduce sexual violence in our college community.  Information on future on campus program opportunities will be posted on this website- check back for more information.

Additional Links for Information and Strategies

Additional Resources

Victims are encouraged to seek help for follow-up counseling and support. If needed, the College will assist the victim with changes in schedules and current course accommodations.

Campus Resources

Available to talk to, assist in reporting, discuss available options, and provide referral services.

Community Resources

Forest County

TRI-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Visit the website
800.236.1222 or 715.478.3780

  • 24-hour crisis hotline (domestic violence/sexual assault victim advocacy)

Forest County Potawatomi Health and Wellness Center
Visit the website

  • Forest County Potawatomi Domestic Violence program
  • Sexual assault advocacy

Iron County

  • Domestic Violence programs and services

DOVE (Domestic Violence Escape) Victim/Witness Assistance Program
800.711.6744 or 715.561.5671

  • Victim/Witness Assistance Program

Langlade County

Advocates for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Abuse(AVAIL)
Visit the website
715.623.5767 (24-hour crisis hotline) or 715.536.5177

  • Emergency Shelter, 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling and support groups, information and referral

Lincoln County

The Haven – Lincoln County Domestic Violence Shelter

  • Sexual assault victim advocacy, 24-hour crisis hotline, legal advocacy

Oneida County

TRI-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Visit the website
800.236.1222 or 715.362.6841

  • 24-hour crisis hotline, domestic violence/sexual assault victim advocacy

Ascension St. Mary’s Hospital Emergency Department
715.361.2100 or 800-578-0840

  • Sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program

Howard Young Medical Center

  • Sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program,
  • Oneida County Health Dept. (Reproduction Health Clinic)
  • STD screening, treatment, education, HIV counseling and testing, emergency contraception

Oneida County Health Department

  • STD screening, treatment, education, HIV counseling and testing, emergency contraception

Vilas County

TRI-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Visit the website
800.236.1222 or 715.479.2912

  • 24-hour crisis hotline (domestic violence/sexual assault victim advocacy:

Eagle River Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

  • Sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program

Lac du Flambeau Domestic Violence Shelter/Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy
Visit the website

  • Domestic Violence Shelter/Sexual assault victim advocacy

Community Resources: