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The Cosmetology program is offered in three terms of specialty training over a 12-month cycle. Perform customer services on the public when you have achieved the required competencies. Graduates are eligible to take the Wisconsin Cosmetology License Examination. Upon receiving a license, graduates will be ready for employment in a variety of positions in barbershops or salons.

female student and cosmetology instructor painting nails
female student putting curlers in a customers hair
female cosmetology student applying mascara to herself in mirror
female cosmetology instructor helping a female student color hair
female cosmetology student dying a female customers hair

Program Outline

Term 1
Course # Course Title Credits
3150230400 Cosmetology Introduction

Provides a look at the opportunities available in the Cosmetology Industry; including product use, retailing and identifying which product to use. This course introduces the fundamental theory and practices of the cosmetology profession with an emphasis on professional practices and safety and infection control. Topics include state rules and regulations, the state regulatory agency, image, bacteriology, decontamination and infection control, safety and infection control.

3150230600 Basic Cut and Style

Students will learn to recognize how to care for the hair and scalp, draping, shampooing, and scalp massage. Through a scientific approach students will design haircuts and styles, utilizing art forms, analysis of design components and knowledge of face profiles. Students will apply various haircutting and styling techniques; utilizing multiple tools.

3150230700 Basic Texture and Color

This course includes the basics of safe and sanitary permanent waving, chemical hair relaxing and hair color basics which include the law of color, the color wheel, and the theory behind these concepts. The history and product knowledge of these chemical services will be studied along with the differences between each chemical. Students will mix and apply chemicals while developing skills and building client consultation techniques.

3150231000 Men's Cut and Shave

Students analyze hair growth patterns of the hairline, side burns, and facial hair for the male client. Students complete men's haircuts along with beard and mustache trims, face shaving and trimming of hair on the ears and brows.

3150231600 Nail Care

Focuses on sanitation, tool safety, and proper procedures for manicure/pedicure services and the art and technology of nail contouring. Students learn to shape natural nails and the correct use of professional nail care products. Artificial nail enhancement techniques are practiced to show students increased earning when working in a salon.

3150232000 Salon Science

This course covers several general science topics integral to the field of cosmetology: bacteriology, infection control, salon ecology, introduction to electrology, the basics of electricity, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology.

3150232100 Advanced Cut and Style

Builds on Hair Sculpting to perform full service haircuts and styles. Each design will include all the aspects of full services from greeting, consultation, delivery and completion. Trends in haircutting and styling will be covered. Composition and construction of a variety of wigs and hairpieces to make effective choices for salon guests. Students will employ design principles of balance, contrast, repetition and asymmetry to create long hair designs for wedding, prom and formal events. Prerequisite: 3150230600 Basic Cut and Style (C or better) (concurrent enrollment allowed).

3150232900 Advanced Texture and Color

Students build on permanent waving techniques, color techniques, soft curl reformation and keratin treatments. Problem solve aspects of color correction and challenges in chemical texturing and hair color services. Observe and research trends and techniques in color and texture. Create a marketable look using theoretical knowledge, application techniques in chemical texturizing and hair color. Prerequisite: 3150230700 Basic Texture and Color (C or better) (concurrent enrollment allowed).

Term 2
Course # Course Title Credits
3150231700 Skin Care

Students will learn the different types of skin. Structure and functions of the skin will be studied and basic facial techniques applied. They will perform basic skin waxing techniques, removal of superfl uous hair, makeup application, false eyelash application, and skin analysis.

3150231800 Salon Services 2

Students develop speed and advanced proficiency in all areas of chemical services, hair cutting, barbering techniques, color, nail technology, and skin care with increased attention to individual client needs. Working together as a team and cooperation with other students is assessed along with professional attitude, ethics, and conduct. Prerequisite: 3150237800 Salon Services 1 (C or better) (concurrent enrollment allowed).

3150236900 Cosmetology Industry

Build business principles necessary to plan and operate a business establishment. Employer-employee relationships, basic recordkeeping and time management skills are taught. This course prepares students for the salon by spending time with salon mentors to evaluate future career plans.

3150237800 Salon Services 1

This course promotes beginning level concentrated student development of skills by promoting student development of skills and proficiencies in delivering a wide range of client-related services. Emphasis is placed on client consultations, proper business practices, professional attitudes, and refining techniques that will ensure entry-level preparedness for the Wisconsin Licensing exam. Students complete this course by working in an on-campus beauty salon environment. Prerequisite: 3150232900 Advanced Texture and Color (C or better).

3180130500 Applied Communication Listening Speaking

Emphasizes effective listening and speaking skills required for job performance and satisfaction. Those skills include interviewing for a job, communicating in the work place, and securing a job promotion.

Term 3
Course # Course Title Credits
3150233000 Salon Services 3

In this final salon services course the students are given a variety of required services to complete that show they are competent in this service and can complete this task with additional speed and attention to detail. The student is graded on salon management skills using computerized appointment booking and attention to closing out the cash register to balance the day's receipts. Daily running of a competent salon including cleanliness, sanitation, safety, inventory, and retail control, and organization are stressed to prepare the student as a competent employee. Prerequisites: 3150231800 Salon Services 2 (C or better) and 3150231700 Skin Care (C or better).

3150233500 State Board Preparation

Examines Wisconsin cosmetology state statutes and administrative code. The state statutes are studied in relation to the corresponding rules involved with each topic. Review all state board required procedures. Practical and written assessment of all state board subjects. Prepare and submit materials for state board exams.


At A Glance

How You'll Learn


On Campus

Term Start Dates

Spring 2023: January 9 Summer 2023: May 8 Fall 2023: September 5

Start dates may vary for this program. For details, please contact Success Coach, Ashley Maki, at 715-365-4912.

Approximate Cost


Financial Aid Eligible

*Based on 10-level courses—materials, books, and fees may be additional

What You'll Learn

  • Apply safety and sanitization procedures
  • Adhere to the current Wisconsin administrative codes and statutes for cosmetology
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills for success
  • Perform haircutting services
  • Perform shampoo services
  • Perform skin care services
  • Perform texture services
  • Perform hair color services
  • Demonstrate hairstyling and finishing products
  • Perform nail services
  • Develop strategies to market products & services

Your Potential Careers

  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Technician
  • Barber
  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Make Up Consultant
  • Salon Owner

Median Annual Salary

$29,269 $28,197 $27,638
Local State National

EMSI 2022.1

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This program is designed to be completed in 1 year.
This program will cost $6,510.00 if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. These costs were accurate at the time of posting, but may have changed.
Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical graduate leaves with $7,376.00 of debt.
Program meets licensure requirements in the following States: Wisconsin
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