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Business Management

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Management activities occur in service, retail, manufacturing, government, not-for-profit, and tribal sectors of our economy. Business managers and owners implement the plans of an organization by coordinating and optimizing basic operations. The Business Management program provides the skills and knowledge managers and business owners need to guide organizations in reaching goals by working with people and other organizational resources. The program is ideal for those wanting to pursue a career in business, start their own business or for students who are looking to progress in their business careers.

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Program Outline

Course # Course Title Credits
1010210100 Introduction to Business 1.00
Description and Competencies

Introduction to Business is a high-level overview of the business world. Students will explore different types of businesses, how the economy affects them and current trends in business. Students will learn about their own personality preferences, entrepreneurial mindset and different types of business leaders. Students will discover skills needed for business careers and will formulate a career plan.

1010210600 Business Programs Orientation 1.00
Description and Competencies

This class helps new Nicolet students make a successful transition to the College. Orientation is a chance for students to learn College resources, practice pacing and time management, grit and the learning management system. Students also receive an introduction and have opportunities to practice professional business communication.

1010210800 Operations Management Role and History 1.00
Description and Competencies

Students will discover the critical roles managers play in organizations and explore how managers plan, lead, organize and control. This class will also explore the origins of management and review major developments in business through the centuries and how they are still relevant today.

1010210900 Operations Management Business Operations 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course introduces how to manage processes within organizations including supply chain management and quality assurance. Students will also learn how to manage discrete projects and the basic tenets of project management.

1010211100 Operations Management Global Business 1.00
Description and Competencies

This class reviews the characteristics, opportunities and challenges of the global business environment including how to identify and describe forces that affect global trade. Students will select a country outside the United States and research the viability of conducting business in that country.

1010211300 Human Resources Roles and Laws 1.00
Description and Competencies

This class reviews the role and importance of Human Resources in organizations. Current challenges Human Resources contends with are covered. Students will learn about major employment laws and how to ensure that company programs, practices and policies align with those laws.

1010211600 Human Resources Recruitment 1.00
Description and Competencies

This class will cover how to develop job descriptions and competitive salary packages for open positions. Students will create effective recruiting and interview programs so the best candidates will be selected.

1010211800 Human Resources Employee Evaluation 1.00
Description and Competencies

This class covers onboarding new employees and providing informal and formal feedback. Students will also learn how to mentor and coach employees. Students create onboarding and performance evaluation plans.

1010212100 Customer Service 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course is intended to teach students ways to take care of their customers and add value to customer interactions. They will identify the difference between internal and external customers, and develop verbal, nonverbal, and listening communication skills. Students will develop problem-solving techniques and the ability to lead and expand the customer service process, learn how to deal with customers, and build skills for analyzing and prioritizing customer needs. Students will learn to use the phone, email and other communications methods effectively and efficiently in the world of work.

1010219200 Business Internship 2.00
Description and Competencies

Internships are off-campus experiential learning activities designed for students to earn academic credit by connecting the job experience with the concepts, theories, and ideas learned through their program. Internships are powerful resume builders, offer application of concepts, and expand employable skills.

1010219300 Business Capstone

The purpose of the Capstone activity is to create an opportunity for the student to make connections between the variety of coursework that is part of their degree. This course is an independent study designed by the student under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member. The final assessment will demonstrate competency through one or more of the following: academic or career portfolio, paper, project, presentation, publication, journal, etc. The student should consult with their program advisor or instructor before selecting this course.

1014517000 Small Business Mentorship

Mentorships engage entrepreneurial students one-on-one with a small business owner to learn the process of entrepreneurship and experience small business ownership. This supervised mentorship exposes students to real-world small business situations related to their passion, and helps them develop the knowledge and confidence to be a successful future small business owner.

1010311500 MS Word Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course will cover creating a flyer, research paper, and business letter using Microsoft Word.

1010312600 MS Excel Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course will cover creating a worksheet and chart; application of formulas, functions, and formatting; and working with large worksheets, charting, and what-if analysis using Microsoft Excel.

1010312700 MS Excel Intermediate 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course will cover working with financial functions, data tables, amortization schedules, multiple worksheets, and workbooks; creating, sorting, and querying a table; and creating templates; importing data; and working with SmartArt, images, and screenshots using Microsoft Excel. Prerequisite: 1010312600 MS Excel Beginning (C or better) (concurrent enrollment allowed).

1010314100 MS Powerpoint Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course will cover creating and editing presentations with pictures; enhancing presentations with shapes and SmartArt; and inserting WordArt, charts, and tables using Microsoft PowerPoint.

1010413100 Digital Marketing Fundamentals 3.00
Description and Competencies

To succeed in today’s marketplace, a business needs to employ basic digital marketing specialties such as target marketing, keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. In this class the student learns by doing; the course teaches how to use digital marketing software tools and market analysis on an existing or a future business to get the best search engine results. The student formulates a digital marketing plan for increasing Internet traffic without using paid advertising. Topics include: How to use the Google Business Profile Manager to improve appearance on the search results page and Google Maps. The student will also learn how to get listed for free in online business directories. This is the introductory course for earning a Digital Marketing Certificate.

1089010300 Professional Career Management 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course will cover identification of individual interests and the occupations they align with, finding employment, creating a resume and cover letter, participating in an interview, and best practices for maintaining professional employment.

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What You'll Learn

  • Plan the operations of a business across functional areas.
  • Organize resources to achieve the goals of the organization.
  • Direct individuals and/or processes to meet organizational goals.
  • Control business processes.

Your Potential Careers

  • Line supervisor
  • Department manager
  • Program manager
  • Business owner

Median Annual Salary

$47,814 $58,385 $59,781
Local State National

EMSI 2020.1

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