Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) budget at Nicolet College is an estimate of the student’s educational expenses for the academic year and is used to determine financial aid eligibility. The COA covers tuition, books, and basic living expenses. 

Direct Costs (charges billed directly to you by Nicolet College) include tuition and fees. The tuition and fees portion of the COA is based on 30 credits or competency equivalents for the year. Your actual tuition and fees will increase/decrease based on the number of credits/competencies that you are enrolled in. 

Indirect Cost estimates (not charged by Nicolet College) include books, room and board, personal expenses, and transportation. *Nicolet College is working hard to provide no cost or low cost options in lieu of expensive textbooks. For more information on this exciting initiative, please contact the Nicolet College Bookstore. While the total cost may seem high, you would incur the basic living expenses whether you are attending Nicolet or not.

The amounts listed below are intended to help in planning your own budget, but your actual expenses will vary depending on your individual lifestyle.  The total amount of financial aid that you receive cannot exceed this COA budget. Your financial aid (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships) may be adjusted to keep you within your budget. You can use our Net Price Calculator to help estimate your college costs.        

Cost of Attending College 2018-2019
  With Parent Away from Home
Tuition and Fees* $4,404  $4,404
Books** $1,960 $1,960
Room & Board** $3,296 $7,408
Personal Expenses** $2,076 $2,076
Transportation** $1,718 $1,718
Total Indirect Costs** $9,050 $13,162
Total Costs** $13,454 $17,566

*Direct costs estimated at full-time (30 credits/competencies per academic year).
**Indirect costs are not billed by Nicolet College.

Students should contact the Financial Aid Office if they have any questions or additional budget items.