Financial Literacy

We’re pleased to announce that Nicolet College has partnered with Ascendium Education Solutions™ to provide Attigo student success solutions through our on-line financial wellness resource, GradReady.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Get GradReady

10. Learn what you want, when you want

Online and Open 24/7

  • Easy account creation

  • Flexible and easy to use 

9.  Provide your financial smarts

My Account

  • The quizzes let you track your knowledge and growth
  • The Final Assessment will show you’re GradReady 

8.  Build a shield of protection

Identity Theft

  • Learn how to protect yourself, so your credit stays strong

  • Get tips on how to fix identity theft if you’ve been victimized 

7. Forecast your financial future


  • Calculate your debt and gauge your future income

  • See if you’ll be able to comfortably pay back your student loans
  • Use the resources to help restructure your borrowing if you need to lower your debt load.
  • Check out the Helpful Resources to see how your monthly payment could be lowered 

6. Make a personalized financial plan


  • Use prompts and resources to project your income and expenses
  • Store and track your personalized budget. Focus on your spending
  • Become financially fit with ways to trim your spending

5.  Determine if you need to borrow

Financing Plan

  • List your cost of attendance, grants and scholarships, and what you can contribute
  • See if you need to borrow and determine the best loans to cover the gap
  • Check out the Ladder of Smart Borrowing to determine the best loans for you 

4.  Understand your future buying power with a three-digit-number

Credit Score

  • In Credit Basics, learn how to find and improve your credit score
  • In Credit Review, learn about healthy credit card usage
  • Find ideas on how to build and maintain good credit, so your credit score is strong when you need it 

3. Look forward to a brighter future

Jobs and Life After College 

  • In Big Decisions, learn how to manage your job search and prepare for interviews 
  • In Future Finances, you will learn how to make good decisions about your future income
  • Learn how to maximize your pay, benefits, and investments 

2.  Get to know your student loans

Electronic Loan Counselor (ELC)

  • Download your loans from NSLDS to see how much you owe
  • Answer questions to see what repayment plans fit your unique situation
  • Pick a plan that best fits your situation
  • Take action and implement the plan 

1. Empower yourself

Master Student Loan Repayment

  • Contact your loan servicer to stay on top of your loans
  • Understand loan consolidation and federal repayment plans 

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