Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance

Technical Diploma

Introduces students and builds basic skills to install, maintain, and operate hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic automated equipment used in manufacturing industries. Students will be introduced to diagnostics and repair of equipment components. Upon completion of the certificate, students will be eligible for entry level positions in manufacturing as production workers or maintenance technicians.

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Program Outline

Term 1
Course # Course Title Credits
1010311500 MS Word Beginning

This course will cover creating a flyer, research paper, and business letter using Microsoft Word.

1010312600 MS Excel Beginning

This course will cover creating a worksheet and chart; application of formulas, functions, and formatting; and working with large worksheets, charting, and what-if analysis using Microsoft Excel.

1044910000 Industrial Safety Fundamentals

Introduces general safety for a manufacturing environment while raising the awareness of the worker to the hazards around them, and how to best protect themselves while working safely. Students will earn an OSHA 30 card and confined space certificate upon completion.

1046210300 Hydraulic Components and Schematics

Students will learn how to operate the Basic Hydraulic Trainer and draw the schematic symbols in a circuit.

1046210500 Fixed Displacement Pumps

Students will learn about Pascal's law and the relationship between pressure, force and area.

1046210700 Hydraulic Pressure Valves

Students will identify different hydraulic valves and use them in an application.

1046210900 Analyze Basic Pneumatic Trainer

Students will learn how to operate the Basic Pneumatic Trainer.

1046211200 Analyze Pressure Regulator and Actuator

Students will understand how air compression will affect an actuator.

1046211500 Basic Electrical Circuits

Students will learn how to measure voltage, current and resistance in an electrical circuit.

1046211700 Inductance and Capacitance

Students will learn how to define and calculate incuctance and capacitance in an electrical circuit.

1046211900 Analyze Transformers

Students will learn how to size a transformer and how to identify the step up and step down transformers.

1080119500 Written Communication

Develops writing skills which include prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. A variety of writing assignments is designed to help the learner analyze audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design documents based on subject matter and content. Also develops critical reading and thinking skills through the analysis of a variety of written documents.


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Multiple Start Dates

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Flexible Pace

2023 Start Dates

January 9 May 8 September 5
February 6 June 5 October 2
March 6 July 3 November 6

2024 Start Dates

January 8 May 6
February 5 June 3
March 4 July 1

Approximate Cost


*Based on 10-level courses—materials, books, and fees may be additional

What You'll Learn

  • Practice industry recognized safety practices and guidelines, including the use of personal protective equipment in an industrial operating environment.
  • Prepare and maintain documentation of work orders, repair work completed, and safety procedures implemented.
  • Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment, using appropriate tools, materials, and methods.

Your Potential Careers

  • Machinery Maintenance Worker
  • Machinery Repair

Median Annual Salary

$40,275 $44,428 $40,938
Local State National

EMSI 2022.1

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