Sovereign Nations

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Nicolet College Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Nicolet College recognizes the unique, enduring relationships that exist between indigenous peoples and their traditional lands. In doing so, Nicolet College looks to respectfully acknowledge that our institution is located on the traditional homelands of the Potawatomi (Bodwe’ wadomi), Ojibwe” (Anishinaabe’) and Menominee (Omaeqnomene) people and their respective nations.
The story of Native people must be told, understood, and celebrated in order to enrich and enlighten society and to thrive as an inclusive democracy. Confronting the past, while laying the groundwork for a shared future, we believe we can better provide a climate that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful of Native languages, history, culture, and American Indian learners.
At Nicolet College, we are committed to providing equitable access, accurate historical information, building trust and relationships among our tribal communities, and to advancing the value indigenous knowledge and wisdom holds for today’s society.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK)

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In 2019, Native communities in northern rural Wisconsin and Nicolet Area Technical College (Nicolet College) embarked on a plan to establish pathways to postsecondary education for Indigenous learners. The goal was to create a curriculum and grant credit for prior knowledge in Native culture, governance, history, and language towards a technical certificate and associate degree. The project closely adhered to Native pedagogy and ways, and curriculum was developed by Indigenous leaders and members of area tribes with the support of college faculty and staff.

This report attempts to tell the story of the Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK) project from the perspective of those involved. We do not capture the voices of all participants and, as such, recognize that the story may be incomplete. We seek to honor the experience, perspective, and insight of those represented here through their voices and stories.