Law Enforcement Courses

Law Enforcement Courses

OMVWI SFST Instructor Course

Course #: 4750446400
Course Description:

This course is designed for individuals who desire to teach SFST to recruits and during in-service. Prepares law enforcement professionals to effectively administer and instruct in the SFST training program. Emphasizes teaching and learning techniques that promote active learning, support learners with a variety of learning preferences and needs, and generate continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

Class No: 5506
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $125.00
Fees Over 62: $67.62
Instructor: Krejci
Wed/Thurs at Northwoods Center 207

Must be currently certified SFST practitioner and LESB certified instructor.

If you are unable to access PDF documents on this page, please contact the Office of Compliance at or 715-365-4615.