The Nicolet Players will have auditions for the upcoming production of Deers on Sunday, August 22, from 1 - 4 pm and Monday, August 23, from 6 - 9 pm at the Nicolet College Theatre.

male and female actor in the production of deers

Audition Date/Time: Sunday, August 22, from 1 - 4 pm and Monday, August 23, from 6 - 9 pm at the Nicolet College Theatre located in the Lakeside Center on the Rhinelander campus. (In addition, a low-pressure cold read of the entire script will be held on Monday, Aug. 16th, from 7 - 9 pm) 

Expectations/Requirements: Auditions will consist of cold reads from the script. Actors of all experience levels are invited to audition. Scripts are available as a PDF by emailing A limited number of printed copies will be available for three-day check out from the service desk on the third floor of the Richard J. Brown Library, located in the Lakeside Center. 

Play Description: Antic animals drink away their troubles with friends and foes at a mountain tavern in the Cascades, where every bunny knows your name. Share a pint as these creatures encounter love, laughs, and their own primal natures. Beginning with the pilot and ending with a very special series finale, DEERS follows critters of all shapes and sizes over four episodes of this strange and unusual live sitcom.

Character List: 

BINTY: professional, level-headed, strong, problem-solver
DEER: arrogant, confident, suave, short-tempered
EMU: kind, open, curious, protective (speaks with an Australian accent)
OWL: sweet, charitable, brave
RABBIT: a rapscallion, tough, secretly terrified and sensitive
TURTLE: slow but wise, a born storyteller, imaginative, pragmatic (physical humor and improv skills desired)
BEAR: chummy, happy-go-lucky, but do not separate them from their alcohol
SQUIRREL: opportunistic, quite literally squirrely

RACCOON: hungry and unstable
BOBCAT: fearless
TIGER: cocky and heartless
HUMAN: starstruck

Notes on Casting: 

In the original production, doubling was as follows: Squirrel/Tiger and Bear/Human. 

Marcus Gorman, the playwright, specifically wrote all of the roles without gendering them, so actors could gravitate towards the character traits that spoke to them the most. Marcus describes the play as a "remix" of the original Cheers sitcom. That being said, for those actors who are interested in the parallels, the characters in this play are (loosely) inspired by Cheers characters as follows: Deer: Sam Malone, Binty: Carla Torelli, Bear: Norm Peterson, Rabbit: Frasier Crane, Turtle: Cliff Clavin, Owl: Woody Boyd, Emu: Diane Chambers and Tiger: Rebecca Howe. 

You are highly encouraged to audition for the role/roles that excite you the most and make them your own. I'm not interested in gender or type as much as curious actors with a sense of play who make unique choices during the audition and want to be part of the team. The most important thing? Have fun. :-) 

Production Dates: November 5 - 7 and 11 - 14, with Sunday performances at 2 pm and all others at 7:30 pm

Contact: | 360.969.2565 (Email is preferred.)

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Photo Credit: Photo from the Annex Theatre production by Dangerpants Photography