3.03 Tobacco Free Campus

Title: Tobacco Free Campus
Number: AP 3.03
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2023
Revised: December 2023

Nicolet College is a leader in promoting the safety and health of its employees, students, and the general public (including contractors and vendors).  Inherent in this policy is:

  • A belief that employees have the right to work and students have the right to learn in an environment free of the hazards of tobacco products;
  • A desire to eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke at building entrances/exits and to assure clean air on College property;
  • Awareness of the presence of underage students;
  • An interest in eliminating tobacco products littering the campus; and
  • Acceptance of the responsibility for a commitment to fire safety and health and wellness.

Use of tobacco, smoking, and vaping (e-cigarettes) is prohibited on the Nicolet College main campus and all outreach centers.  This includes the following:

  • All structures, buildings and grounds, sidewalks, roads, pathways, and parking lots; and
  •  All Nicolet College-owned and leased vehicles.

Smoking is permitted in enclosed personal vehicles. In consideration of your fellow Nicolet community members and to protect their health and comfort (State Statute 101.123 Wisconsin Act 12), smoke, tobacco materials, and waste items must be kept inside the vehicle.

Sacred Use of Tobacco

Occasionally, a group may request to use the campus for an event that includes the sacred use of tobacco.  A request form must be completed in advance and submitted to the President.  The President or designated individual will determine the legitimacy and approve or deny the request.

Tobacco Cessation Assistance and Resources

Staff and students are encouraged to choose a healthful, non-tobacco use/non-smoking way of life.  Emphasis will be placed on educating and referring faculty, staff, and students to available resources/services that provide tobacco cessation assistance.


The primary responsibility for enforcement rests with administrators and Campus Security. Employees, students, visitors, or the general public found using any form of tobacco on campus will be given a verbal warning followed by a referral to local law enforcement and may be subject to a fine. Any student who continues to violate the policy will be referred to the Student Conduct Committee. Any faculty or staff member who continues to violate the policy will be referred to their supervisor. Any person who becomes disorderly when asked to comply with this policy may be cited by law enforcement