3.04 Key and Access Cards

Title: Keys and Access Cards
Number: AP 3.04
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2023
Revised: December 2023

Nicolet College Facilities Department is responsible fing and issuing all door keys and providing access for employee Identification cards. Employee identification cards will be created and picked up at the Welcome Center on the second floor of the Red Oak Center.  Employees must complete a Key and Building Card Access Request Form and forward it to the Facilities Department. Keys and specific location access on their identification cards will be issued to employees on an as-needed basis as determined by their supervisor. Individuals issued keys and/or access cards must sign the Key and Building Card Access Request form. If no physical keys are needed, supervisors can scan a copy of the employee identification cards along with the completed Key and Building Card Access form (hyperlink) and request card access via email. 

Employees issued keys and access cards:

  • Are responsible for the control and use of keys and access cards.
  • Are prohibited from loaning, re-issuing, or duplicating keys and/or access cards.
  • Keys and access cards are non-transferable. in writing to the Facilities Department immediately.
  • Will be charged a fee for lost or stolen keys or access cards.
  • Must return their keys and access cards to their supervisor or Human Resources prior to completion of employment.

Furniture keys are kept with the furniture, and extra keys are stored in the department/office.  These keys are not issued to employees but are passed down within the department when employees leave.