3.05 Campus Parking Regulations

Title: Campus Parking and Regulations
Number: AP 3.05
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2023
Revised: December 2023

Nicolet College provides on-campus parking free of charge to students, staff, and visitors.

Handicapped parking is clearly marked and reserved for vehicles with a disability license plate, with a state-issued disability placard, or with a temporary disability permit issued by Campus Security. For temporary permits, a healthcare provider’s recommendation may be required.  All permits must be placed on the windshield in full view.

Short-term parking is clearly marked and limited to 15 minutes. Short-term parking is only enforced during regular business hours (Friday 8 am-5 pm). Parking is only allowed in marked designated areas.  Overnight parking in campus lots is prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made with Facilities.

Students who do not pay their parking tickets will have a “Hold for Indebtedness” placed on their records.  Habitual student offenders may be disciplined in accordance with AP 1.06 Student Standards of Conduct and Complaint and Grievance Procedure.

Vehicles violating this policy may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. Parking violations may be grieved by contacting Campus Security at 715-365-4420