Child Care Services

Child Care Services

Technical Diploma

The Child Care Services Technical Diploma prepares students for working in a child care setting as a lead teacher. Earning this technical diploma allows students to complete their education in as little as one year. Additionally, students enrolled in the Child Care Services Technical Diploma will complete the first year of the Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education at Nicolet College, setting them up for future educational opportunities.

In the Child Care Services Technical Diploma, students will gain a deeper understanding of child development, curriculum planning, classroom management, and implementing a healthy and safe classroom environment. This diploma includes one field experience course, which gives students a hands-on opportunity for applying what is learned in the college classroom.

This 30-credit diploma is designed to acknowledge the educational requirements for a child care teacher. Completers of this diploma will meet the educational guidelines for teachers in child care centers and will be recognized as Wisconsin Registry Career Level 11. This diploma is a great choice for child care programs looking to support staff’s professional development, as well as improve Youngstar ratings.

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    Program Outline

    Term 1
    Course # Course Title Credits
    1030714800 ECE Foundations of Early Childhood Ed

    This 3-credit course introduces the early childhood profession through a historical overview of the field. The course will explore program trends, quality indicators, and developmentally appropriate practices for children birth to age 8.

    1030715100 ECE Infant and Toddler Development

    This 3-credit course explores infant and toddler development as it applies to an early childhood education setting. This course focuses children conception through thirty-six months. This course includes training for Wisconsin Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care certification.

    1030716600 ECE Curriculum Planning

    Examines the components of curriculum planning in early childhood education. Integrates strategies that support diversity and anti-bias perspectives, examine the critical role of play, establish a developmentally appropriate environment, examine care giving routines as curriculum, develop activity plans that promote child development and learning, develop unit plans that promote child development and learning, and analyze early childhood curriculum models.

    1030716700 ECE Health Safety and Nutrition

    This 3-credit course examines the topics of health, safety, and nutrition within the context of the early childhood educational setting. This course includes training for Abusive Head Trauma, SIDS, and Mandated Reporter certifications.

    1080119600 Oral Interpersonal Communication

    Focuses upon developing speaking, verbal and nonverbal communications, and listening skills through individual presentations, groups activities, and other projects.

    Term 2
    Course # Course Title Credits
    1030711000 ECE Soc S Art and Music

    This 3-credit course will focus on beginning level curriculum development in the specific integrated content areas of social studies, art, music, & movement (SSAMM). Prerequisite: 1030716600 ECE Curriculum Planning (C or better).

    1030716000 ECE Field Experience 1

    In this 3-credit introductory field experience course, you will be introduced to the foundations of early childhood education under guided supervision of a mentor teacher in an early childhood setting, working with children birth through age 8. This course meets the requirements for the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards 18-hour training. Prerequisite: 1030716700 ECE Health Safety and Nutrition (C or better).

    1030717900 ECE Child Development

    Description The 3-credit course examines child development within the context of the early childhood education setting. This course focuses on children ages 3 -8 years.

    1030718800 ECE Guiding Child Behavior

    This 3-credit course examines positive strategies to guide children's behavior in the early childhood education setting. This course meets the requirements of the Wisconsin Pyramid Model training.

    1080119500 Written Communication

    Develops writing skills which include prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. A variety of writing assignments is designed to help the learner analyze audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design documents based on subject matter and content. Also develops critical reading and thinking skills through the analysis of a variety of written documents.


    At A Glance

    How You'll Learn


    On Campus


    Online Classes

    Term Start Dates

    Fall 2024: August 26 Spring 2025: January 13 Summer 2025: May 19

    Start dates represent the beginning of a new term. Certain programs or courses may not be available to start every term. Please view the course schedules for a list of upcoming classes or contact the Welcome Center at 715-365-4493.

    Program Tuition*


    *Total cost for degree completion is estimated by current course requirements, books, and supplies. Tuition and fees are set by the Wisconsin Technical College System and subject to change.

    You may experience these additional costs, not charged by Nicolet, estimated based on length of program.

    Personal Expenses

    What You'll Learn

    • Relate knowledge of child development to practice
    • Create relationships with children, family, and the community
    • Apply observation, documentation, and assessment strategies
    • Implement developmentally appropriate teaching and learning experiences
    • Demonstrate professional practice
    • Follow health, safety, and nutrition practices

    Your Potential Careers

    • Child Care Teacher
    • Child Care Assistant Teacher
    • Family Child Care Provider
    • Nanny

    Median Annual Salary

    $25,700 $28,200 $31,400
    Local State National

    JobsEQ 2023Q4

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