Credit Limits

Students may enroll in up to 18 credits during the term. Enrollment in more than the maximum number of credits requires approval from the Registrar. Anyone enrolled for 12 or more term credit hours is considered a full-time student. Anyone enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours during a term is considered a part-time student. Most career programs are structured with 15-18 credits per term to complete the degree in a one- or two-year time frame.

Registration Procedures

Registration details are published each term at Current program students who are continuing their program of study are given priority to enroll in courses.

Students are notified through their Nicolet account when to schedule their academic advising/registration appointments; students may also register for classes via online registration. New students who have been admitted to a program of study should register through their academic advisor. New students are notified by letter of the procedures for arranging advising/registration appointments or attending registration sessions. Non-program students may use mail-in, phone-in, or online registration options as outlined in the course schedules and register only during the late registration period.

Students may register for classes up until the first day of classes, provided they have met applicable admission requirements and there is space available. For classes that have already met once and through Date of Record, students may need written permission from the instructor prior to registering for that class. After the Date of Record, students will not be allowed to register for any classes that are already in progress. Exceptions may be granted by the Registrar. Please contact your Success Coach for assistance with late registration. Date of Record is defined as 14 calendar days into the normal 15-week trimester with day one being the first day of each term. Registration and Date of Record reporting 17 are different in Nicolet My Way programs and are dependent on the specific program. Please contact your success coach for more information.

Priority Registration

2013 Wisconsin Act 56 gives veterans and service members of the armed services priority in registering for courses at the University of Wisconsin System and technical colleges. “Service member” is defined as a person who has served or is serving on active duty under honorable conditions in the US armed forces, in forces incorporated as part of the US armed forces, in the National Guard, or in a reserve component of the US armed forces.

Any student attending Nicolet College who qualifies for priority registration must apply for this status and provide appropriate documentation. Nicolet College will accept the following items as verification documentation:
• DD214 or DD215 form – Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
• NGB22/22A form – National Guard Report of Separation and Record of Service
• Reserve Credit Report and “Discharge Order and Point Summary”
• Copy of Commander’s Letter • Copy of Current Orders
• Letter from County Veteran Service Officer

Upon verification of appropriate documentation, the student will be notified by the Registrar that the application for Priority Registration has been approved. The student will receive email notification through their official Nicolet College email account. Once approved, the student will be eligible for priority registration for the duration of their status as a Nicolet student. The student does not need to be using veteran benefits to be eligible for priority registration. Prior to the opening of registration for each upcoming term, students who are approved for priority registration will be provided with the date and time on which they are eligible to register for courses.