Auditing a Course

An audit is a grading option where students have the privilege of attending classes, have limited course responsibilities, and do not receive credit for the course. A course that has been audited will appear on the student’s transcript with an “AU” grade, but the course does not count toward a degree or certificate. Students must meet course prerequisites, and pay full tuition and fees for courses they audit. Credit-seeking students have priority when course space is limited. 

Students considering auditing a course should consult with the instructor prior to registering as an audit, or on the first day of class to discuss expectations. Requirements for students auditing a course are set by the instructor. A student may be asked to withdraw if the audit expectations are not being met. Because learning is a shared responsibility in a class, the following expectations are examples of possible auditor responsibilities:

  1. Contribute to the learning environment of the class by participating during class sessions.
  2. Adhere to all rules regarding attendance.
  3. If an auditor agrees to work on a group project where the other group members are graded, the auditor is required to complete group work.

Prior to the course withdrawal deadline, a student may change from credit to audit with the consent of the instructor. A student who elects to change to audit may not, at a later date, change back to credit status.  A signed statement from the instructor and student is to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar will issue a grade of AU for the course.

A student who initially elects to audit a course may change to credit if the instructor validates that all the course requirements for credit have been satisfactorily completed at the time the student makes the request. A signed statement from the instructor and student is to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will remove the AU grade, and the instructor will issue the final grade at the end of the course.

Senior Audit

By 154 WI. Stat.§38.24 (4m), students 60 years of age or older may audit courses (Senior Audit) if the student is a resident of the state, space is available, and the instructor approves.  The Senior Audit student does not pay program fees or an audit fee, but material fees do apply. The Senior Audit tuition exemption excludes community service courses and apprenticeship courses.