2.02 Delegation of Authority

Title: Delegation of Authority to the President
Number: BP 2.02
Adopted: May 1992
Reviewed: November 2015
Revised: November 2015

The Nicolet Area Technical College District Board of Trustees appoints the President as Chief Executive Officer of the College, and directs the President to develop and implement administrative policies and procedures which advance the mission of the College.  The Board will instruct the President through written Board policies delegating implementation to the President.

The President is responsible for College personnel and assurance of their requisite qualifications, the College budget, including procurement of goods and services, and receipt, disbursement and investment of funds, for the physical assets of the College, and for delivery of education and other services in support of the College mission.  In order to effectively fulfill these duties, the President may delegate responsibilities and authorities to others.

General Guidelines:

The President is authorized to establish and implement administrative policies and procedures.

The Board will limit the latitude the President may take as cited in the General Executive Responsibilities and Expectations.

•     The Board will respect and support the President's decisions under the General Executive Responsibilities and Expectations section, but may change said policy as it deems necessary and appropriate.

•     The Board will act as a collective body and individual Board members may not direct the President except when the full Board has specifically authorized such direction.

•     The President shall request a waiver of a Board policy if the President believes a waiver is in the best interest of the College.

President's Responsibilities:

The President is:

•     The Chief Executive Officer of the College;

•     The Board's single official link with the College as an organization; and

•     Accountable to the Board acting as a collective body.

General Executive Responsibilities and Expectations:

The President shall act in an exemplary manner consistent with Board policies and with those practices, activities, decisions, and organizational circumstances which are legal, reasonable, prudent, and ethical.

1.   Provide leadership and direction so that the organization continuously and effectively follows Board policy, pursues the mission and the vision of the institution, and reflects its values.

2.   Provide leadership and direction so that College operations adhere to Board policies.

3.   Accomplish the responsibilities set forth in the President's position description

4.   Achieve annual goals and objectives as established jointly by the Board and President.

5.   Represent the College to the general public and all its diverse constituencies.

6.   The President shall ensure fiscal integrity, legal compliance, and market competitiveness including but not limited to operational budgets, purchases, compensation and benefits.

7.   The President shall keep the Board adequately informed on all matters within the area of Board responsibility.  In addition, the President may also inform the Board of relevant trends and material external or internal matters that may impact Board operation or policy.

The Board will assess presidential performance in meeting the above responsibilities through a formal review each year.