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Student Story: Finding the Right Fit


We can learn a lot from the experiences of others. Sam's story below shows how important it is to find the right fit and how Nicolet can help you succeed.

Sam lives in Minocqua and graduated from Lakeland Union High School in 2017. That same year, he enrolled at Nicolet College and intended to pursue a degree in radiography. “Academically, he was one of the strongest students I have seen,” explained one of his radiography instructors. “He was eager to learn and is motivated to do well.” However, like many students exploring their career paths, Sam felt pulled in another direction. 

Sam has a love of computers that started when he was a child. He would spend hours building his own computers and learning how to make his own repairs. Despite his success during his two terms in the Radiography program, Sam decided that a career in health care just wasn’t the right fit.

He is now enrolled in the Information Technology-Computer Support Specialist program. “I’m focused on school and my future. I try my best to get school work done, while also earning the money to pay for my own expenses,” Sam says.

Balancing classes and work is challenging, but during the pandemic, it’s an even bigger obstacle. Sam explains, “The pandemic had me worried about how I was going to pay for school since work has been slower this year. Receiving a scholarship relieved some of those worries, and I’m so grateful for that. I hope that one day I’ll have the opportunity to give back to my community.”

Like Sam, you have access to services and support to help you succeed: