Program Waiting Lists

Periodically, high demand for enrollment in a particular program may require students to be placed on a waiting list. If a program is filled when a student applies, but the student meets all admissions requirements, he/she will be placed on a waiting list based on application date. District residents who apply by established application dates will have admissions priority over non-district residents. Non-state residents shall be admitted to district programs, after district and nondistrict state residents, as spaces remain available. Applicants on a waiting list will be notified if and when any openings occur in the program, and have priority over all other applicants for admission in subsequent terms and will be admitted in the order of their original application for admission. A student on a waiting list can enroll in general education and support courses that relate to the degree. Some Nicolet programs admit new students in specific terms only. Students may still enter Nicolet in other terms, but they usually enroll in general education courses required for their program. Prospective students should check with Admissions for all program entry requirements, waiting lists, and applicable dates.