Competency Based Education - Refund/Withdrawal

If a student wants to drop or withdraw from a competency, the refund percentage/withdrawal deadline will be calculated based on the enrollment date in the competency or the competency start date, whichever is later. If a student is enrolled in both a pre-requisite and advanced competency, the student may be eligible for a 100% refund for the advanced competency if the student is unable to meet the pre-requisite requirement AND has not yet begun the advanced competency. Students must notify staff that they wish to withdraw or drop a competency to be eligible for the refund.

SWAP: At the time of the drop/withdrawal, the student may choose to add on equal or more credits to swap for the dropped/withdrawn competency. In this case, the paid tuition and fees for the dropped/withdrawn competency will be applied to those additional credits. If the student adds on more credits or if the fees are not equal, then the student will owe the additional tuition and/or fees for those additional credits or fees. No swap is allowed if a student chooses to drop/withdraw from a competency and add on a competency of lesser credit value. In this scenario, the refund (if any) for the competency that the student has dropped/withdrawn is calculated at the standard refund rate.

Financial Aid Recipients: If a student has received financial aid funds and requests a drop/withdrawal from a competency, the student’s financial aid may be decreased. Financial aid is awarded with the expectation that a student will complete the competencies for which the aid was awarded. Therefore, if the student drops/withdraws from a competency, the student may need to return some financial aid funds to the college.

Refund/Withdrawal Appeals: Students may appeal their refund or request a late withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances. To appeal, a student must fill out the Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal/Refund Appeal form found in the Document Center of the student portal. Appeals must be received within 30 days of the end of the term in which the refund/withdrawal is being requested.

Before the Term Begins: Students can change their schedule if the desired courses are still available. No grade will appear on their transcript for dropped courses.

After the Term Begins: Students are expected to attend the first day of each course. Written permission from the instructor may be required to enroll in a course after it begins; this depends on the length of the course, the frequency of the course, and the mode of presentation. Registration after Date of Record is typically not allowed, except for Nicolet My Way and CBE programs.