2.05 District Board of Trustees Meetings

Title:    2.05 District Board of Trustees Meetings  
Number: BP 2.05
Adopted:    May 1992
Reviewed:    September 2015
Revised:    March 2012

Board Meetings

The proceedings of the Nicolet Area Technical College District Board of Trustees (Board) meetings shall be published within 45 days after the meeting as a class 1 notice, under ch.985 Wis. Stats., in a newspaper published in the district.  The publication of the proceedings shall include a statement of receipts and expenditures in the aggregate.  The Board shall make a detailed record of all receipts and expenditures available to the public for inspection at each Board meeting and upon request.

Closed Session

The Board may meet in closed session for the purposes outlined in and consistent with Wisconsin Statute Sec.19.85.

The Board shall publicly announce the general nature of the business to be considered at a closed session before adjourning into such session.

The President is appointed the custodian of the minutes of the closed session.