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Why Summer is a Great Time to Learn


Summer is the perfect time to start or continue your education. Here are some reasons why:

More Time

  • Nicolet's Summer Term is now 15 weeks long - just like our Fall and Spring Terms - so you have more time to complete classes and stay on track or get ahead in your degree program.


  • Since summer classes begin shortly after the Spring Term ends, you avoid a long gap in your learning. Summer coursework keeps you in the groove of studying and attending class.

Free Credits

Focused Time

  • If you choose to take a lighter credit load in the summer, you could select one or two more difficult classes to focus your time on so that you don't have to take these more challenging courses during your fall and spring schedule.

Longer Days

  • We tend to be more energized and productive in the summer because of the longer days. Studying in the evening may not seem so daunting when it stays light till 9 pm.

An Opportunity to Get Ahead

  • Use summer to get a head start in your degree program before classes begin in the fall or take courses during the summer that you can transfer to a future or current bachelor's degree program.

Summer Term starts May 7 with additional Nicolet MyWay starts dates on June 7 and July 5. University Transfer courses begin June 4.