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Not Returning To Your University After Winter Break? There Are Still Ways To Earn Credits.

Sometimes students choose not to return to college after winter break. Perhaps the first semester wasn’t what they expected, maybe they miss home, or tuition and housing are a challenge. Plus, the pandemic has created plenty of additional reasons to stay local or learn online. 

If this is you and you’re thinking about different options for second semester, consider taking university transfer courses at Nicolet. Starting February 1, the following courses will be offered in an 8-week format:

English Composition II
History of the American People from 1877
Intermediate Algebra
Three Dimensional Design
Art Appreciation

These classes are the same that you would pay to take at any other four-year college, but they cost a fraction of the price. The best part is they will all seamlessly transfer to the university of your choice when you’re ready to go back. 

Taking a step back from university life for a semester or two doesn’t mean you’re quitting; it means you’re making a decision to fit your current situation. Nicolet is here to help you continue your education with safe, affordable, and relevant options.