Learn Local: University Transfer Options Close to Home


The outbreak of COVID-19 probably has you questioning many decisions and plans for the future, including if your college-bound child should attend a distant campus in the fall. This is not an easy decision and there are many factors to consider.

There is no rush to decide, but you should know your child has local options to continue their education.  

The University Transfer and Liberal Arts program at Nicolet provides the first two years of a four-year degree. Courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who hold advanced degrees in their discipline and bring invaluable real-world experience to the classroom.

Whether your student attends for one term, one year, or chooses to complete their Associate of Arts or Science degree, any UTLA credits they earn will seamlessly transfer to hundreds of colleges including every University of Wisconsin four-year campus. We also have guaranteed admission agreements with UW Madison, UW Stevens Point, UW Superior, UW Green Bay, UW Stout, UW Platteville, Northland College, and Northern Michigan University.

What’s even better is the transfer process can be completely personalized for your student if they know which college they plan to transfer to and their intended major. Plus, our instructors are already skilled and experienced with online teaching. It’s not new to them or to our College so we’re prepared to deliver quality courses online.

young students at picnic table

Also offered this fall will be an entirely online Associate of Arts degree track. This will allow students to earn a full associate’s degree without stepping foot on campus. Many four-year institutions are also considering shifting courses online, but these classes will still come with the higher price of the university even though your child will not be physically attending.

Why spend more money for similar classes?

At Nicolet, tuition and fees for a 3-credit class is $584.40. At Wisconsin’s public universities, you’ll pay from $850 to $1550, and up to $4,000 at a private in-state university.

As you can see, our cost per credit is 2-3 times lower than public institutions and up to 7 times lower than private college credits. Plus, classes at Nicolet are small and personal so your student will receive the quality instruction and attention they deserve.

University Transfer is one of many great opportunities available to your student at Nicolet. We know this is a difficult situation to navigate so please contact us at 715.365.4493 if you have any questions. We’re here to help no matter what you and your child ultimately decide.