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Office Assistant

Technical Diploma

The Office Assistant program prepares students to perform a variety of administrative tasks in today's rapidly changing workplace. Students learn basic office procedures and essential software skills including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and desktop publishing. Students will learn to integrate compute, human relations and communication skills working individually and in a team environment. Office assistants help with routine tasks necessary to keep office functioning.

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Program Outline

Course # Course Title Credits
1010210600 Business Programs Orientation 1.00
Description and Competencies

This class helps new Nicolet students make a successful transition to the College. Orientation is a chance for students to learn College resources, practice pacing and time management, grit and the learning management system. Students also receive an introduction and have opportunities to practice professional business communication.

1010212100 Customer Service 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course is intended to teach learners to identify internal/external customers, develop verbal, nonverbal, and listening communication skills, develop problem-solving techniques, and ways of adding value to a customer interaction. Students will develop the ability to lead and expand the customer service process, learn techniques for dealing with unhappy customers, and build skills for analyzing and prioritizing customer needs. Students will learn to use the telephone effectively and efficiently in the world of work, telephone etiquette, messaging, and voice mail.

1010311500 MS Word Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

Provides practice in using basic word processing functions and features of MS Word.

1010311700 MS Word Intermediate 1.00
Description and Competencies

Provides practice in using additional features of MS Word including tables, charts, form letters, mailing labels, and newsletters. Prerequisite: 1010311500 MS Word Beginning (C or better).

1010312500 MS Outlook 1.00
Description and Competencies

Learners will identify the importance of using electronic communication tools to help organize and manage communications, contacts, schedules, calendars, tasks, and perform basic customizations of the electronic communication software. Ethical and appropriate use electronic communication is included. Students will apply these techniques with hands on activities.

1010312600 MS Excel Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

Develops skills in using basic spreadsheet functions of MS Excel for business users.

1010312700 MS Excel Intermediate 1.00
Description and Competencies

Develops skills in using additional spreadsheet features including multiple worksheets, 3-D references, macro basics, charts, and databases. Prerequisite: 1010312600 MS Excel Beginning (C or better).

1010313500 MS Access Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

Develops skills in using basic features to design a database, manipulate and query records, and prepare reports and labels.

1010313600 MS Access Intermediate 1.00
Description and Competencies

Extends database skills to include custom reports, advanced form techniques, macros, command buttons, and switchboards. Prerequisite: 1010313500 MS Access Beginning (C or better).

1010314100 MS Powerpoint Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

Develops skills in using basic graphics, layout, and slide show features to produce professional-looking presentations.

1010314200 MS Powerpoint Intermediate 1.00
Description and Competencies

Enhances graphic presentation skills through practice in customizing presentations, creating and working with objects, and embedding features. Prerequisite: 1010314100 MS Powerpoint Beginning (C or better).

1010316900 MS Publisher Beginning 1.00
Description and Competencies

Enables students to design and produce professional-quality MS Publisher documents that combine text, graphics, and illustrations suitable for print and digital media publication. Students learn basic MS Publisher functions, design principles, and applicable copyright law.

1010317000 MS Publisher Intermediate 1.00
Description and Competencies

MS Publisher Intermediate enables students to expand their MS Publisher skill set to include creating a document from scratch, using information sets, and Publisher tables. Students will also learn advanced formatting and merging publications with data. Prerequisite: 1010316900 MS Publisher Beginning (C or better).

1010611400 Records Management 1.00
Description and Competencies

This course explores the comprehensive field of records management by applying basic principles and procedures for storing and retrieving information and maintaining an efficient manual and/or computerized filing system using the simplified filing rules developed by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc. (ARMA). The following methods of storing records are studied: alphabetic, subject, numeric, and geographic. Basic terminology of records management is taught throughout the course. Records retention, disaster planning, control measurements, information security, and disposition are discussed.

10106114C01 Records Management A

Students will explore methods of saving, organizing and retrieving electronic files.

10106114C02 Records Management B

Students will explore the comprehensive field of records management utilizing alphabetic, subject, numeric, governmental, and geographic methods of storing and retrieving records.

1010611600 Document Processing 3.00
Description and Competencies

Enhances keyboarding skills and develops basic document formatting techniques.

1010612600 Editing Business Applications 3.00
Description and Competencies

Covers proofreading and editing of business documents. Transcription and composition will be used to process business documents.

1010617000 Administrative Procedures 3.00
Description and Competencies

Develops professional skills and attitudes for today's global business environment. Develops office skills in telecommunications, mail processing, travel arrangements and conferences, public relations, and ergonomics. Prerequisites: 1010611600 Document Processing (C or better) and 1010613000 Integrated Computer Applications Beg (C or better).

1080119500 Written Communication 3.00
Description and Competencies

Develops writing skills which include prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. A variety of writing assignments is designed to help the learner analyze audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design documents based on subject matter and content. Also develops critical reading and thinking skills through the analysis of a variety of written documents.

2080121900 English Composition I

Develops expository writing and critical thinking skills, including clarity, concision, concreteness, and completeness of expression, supported by reasoning, organization, and language conventions.

1080119600 Oral Interpersonal Communication 3.00
Description and Competencies

Focuses upon developing speaking, verbal and nonverbal communications, and listening skills through individual presentations, groups activities, and other projects.

2081020100 Fundamentals of Speech

Examines theory and process of communication, the role of speech in self-development, the art of persuasion, topic selection, the use of research-based evidence, and audience analysis. Includes organizing speech content, speech delivery, and critique via presentation of informative and persuasive speeches and development of effective extemporaneous speaking style. Students gain self-confidence, proficiency, and poise.

1089010300 Professional Career Management 1.00
Description and Competencies

Students develop an individualized, results-oriented job search strategy and research less well-known employment sources to access the "hidden job market." Emphasis is on creating personalized career search documents that get noticed, interviewing effectively in a variety of situations, and projecting a professional image-during both the job search and the first days and weeks on the new job.

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What You'll Learn

  • Perform accurate workplace communications
  • Use technology skills for business tasks
  • Perform routine office procedures
  • Demonstrate professionalism and effective workplace relationships.

Your Potential Careers

  • Office Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • File Clerk
  • Typist
  • General Office Clerk

Median Annual Salary

$31,633 $34,515 $33,788
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EMSI 2020.1

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This program is designed to be completed in 1 year.
This program will cost $4,819.00 if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. These costs were accurate at the time of posting, but may have changed.
Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical graduate leaves with $5,838.00 of debt.
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