Your Support Changes Lives

These are the faces you’ll see working at your hospital, accountant’s office, auto repair shop, and at other locations in the Northwoods. These are the faces of students you helped support.

Students walking by lake

“My long-term goals are to go to graduate school to get a master’s degree in aquatic science, and then find a job studying fish and their ecosystems.”

Zachary Cummings, University Transfer – Liberal Arts Student

Heartfelt Thanks

332 lives were changed last year

Two students looking out at lake

“My passion and drive will help me succeed, but this scholarship will help me even more. Thank you so much.”

Michelle Czlaplinski, Criminal Justice Student

"This scholarship has given me the extra boost and enthusiasm I needed to make it through my second year at Nicolet. I had many goals and ambitions when I first came back to college and your generosity makes me want to try even harder."

- Stephanie, Scholarship Recipient
students at table outside

“With my son in elementary school, I now have the time to pursue an associate’s degree which will translate directly into a job.”

Hannah Reese, Accounting Student

Contact Information

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Executive Director Nicolet College Foundation

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