Your Support Changes Lives

These are the faces you’ll see working at your hospital, accountant’s office, auto repair shop, and at other locations in the Northwoods. These are the faces of students you helped support.

Lisa Hunt, Foundation Scholarship Recipient

“This has given me not only the opportunity to continue my education but a boost in self-esteem, allowing me to believe I can finish this journey.”

Lisa Hunt, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse program Student

Heartfelt Thanks

332 lives were changed last year

Dylan Potter, Associate of Arts Student

“I also accept the responsibility of making a positive impact on this world and carrying the kindness forward.”

Dylan Potter, Associate of Arts Student

"This scholarship has given me the extra boost and enthusiasm I needed to make it through my second year at Nicolet. I had many goals and ambitions when I first came back to college and your generosity makes me want to try even harder."

- Stephanie, Scholarship Recipient
Tyler Burgoyne, Electromechanical Technology Student

“Being able to attend Nicolet College is a great chance to better myself and my future.”

Tyler Burgoyne, Electromechanical Technology Student

Contact Information

Heather Schallock
Executive Director Nicolet College Foundation

Red Oak Center - Second Floor
P: 715.365.4518 800.544.3039 ext 4518