Nik Nerbern - The Old Longing Camp

"Potato" by Nik Nerbern

Nicolet Art Gallery - Northwoods Center

Reception: Thursday, October 12 | 5-7 pm

Nik Nerburn’s exhibition tends to personal and familial stories, using regional vernacular artistic forms like yard art, model making, dollhouses, and tramp style wood carving. His photographs reveal miniature domestic spaces unraveling by way of personal and mythological disaster. Mostly composed inside of dollhouses, his photographic tableaus embody precariousness and turmoil rather than the dollhouse’s middle class ideal. Using traditional processes such as whittling, chip-carving, frame making, and metal casting, Nerburn braids narratives of both whimsy and catastrophe. This is where a giant secret lives in a tiny house, stuck like a piano you can’t fit out the door.