Emergency Medical Services

EMS Orientation

Course #: 4753140901
Course Description:

All new and potential students beginning an EMR, EMT or AEMT program will need to complete this course to be eligible to begin the classes. Students will be provided a course overview and requirements of the course, including: required immunization documentation, criminal history and background checks required for licensure, information on the National Registry Examination requirements, requirements for online components, any student uniform requirements, if applicable, and other miscellaneous topics. Students will have time to ask questions about the courses and expectations and will be provided insight to the mental, physical and time commitments they may expect.

Class No: 9571
Delivery: Class
Fees Under 62: $20.65
Fees Over 62: $7.00
Instructor: Lemke
Thur at Minocqua - Minocqua Fire & Rescue

This class is a required prerequisite to admission to the EMR / EMT Part 1 starting on 4-14-2020 in Minocqua or Rhinelander.

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