Native American Tribal Management

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About the Native American Tribal Management Program

Develops the skills of people who work or plan to work in a First Nation environment including fundamental management skills, and how a Native nation’s legal, political and cultural context impact an organization’s work.

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Program Outline

Course # Course Title Credits
1010210600 Business Orientation
1010214000 Fundamentals of Tribal Management

Covers leadership, motivation, organizational dynamics, personnel, and budgeting within a Native American community and sovereign government context. Includes federal Indian law and policy, community and economic development, and culturally specific management practices.

1010214200 Tribal Supervisory Management

Develops an understanding of management theories and practical techniques for first-line supervisors. Teaches personal, interpersonal, technical, and administrative skills required of successful supervisors. Applies general supervision issues to a Native American tribal environment.

1010214500 Business Finance and Budgeting

OR choose from the following:

1010211500 Human Resource Management 3
1010216301 Tribal Entrepreneurship 3
2080123400 Report, Proposal, and Grant Writing 3

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*Based on 10-level courses - materials, books, and fees may be additional

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the relationship between Native nation’s legal, political and cultural context and the workplace
  • Lead, motivate, and supervise others
  • Plan and execute projects and everyday operations
  • Manage organizational culture
  • Manage organizational personnel and non-personnel resources

Your Potential Careers

  • First Line Supervisor/Manager
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Gaming Supervisor
  • Lodging Manager

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