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Tamarack Center - 1st Floor
Phone 715.365.4475

Counseling Services

Red Oak Center - 2nd Floor
Phone 715.365.4448

Dean of Business

Phone 715.365.4653

Dean of Health Occupations

Phone 715.365.4473

Dean of Liberal Arts

Phone 715.365.4693

Dean of Trade and Industry/Apprenticeship

Phone 715.365.4438

Dean of Workforce and Economic Development

Phone 715.365.4533

Director of Human Resources

Phone 715.365.4435

Disability Support Services

Phone 715.365.4560

Diversity and Inclusion, Center for

Phone 715.365.4434

Dual Credit Coordinator

Phone 715.365.4407

Emergency Medical Services

Phone 715.365.4453

Executive VP of Academic & Student Affairs

Phone 715.365.4416


Phone 715.365.4419

Financial Aid

Phone 715.365.4423

Help Desk

Phone 715.365.4478

Human Resources

Phone 715.365.4435


Red Oak Center - 3rd Floor
Phone 715.365.4479