3.04 Facilities Planning

Title: Facilities Planning
Number: BP 3.04
Adopted: March 2012
Reviewed: September 2020

Nicolet Area Technical College Administration shall ensure that facilities are safe and adequate to accomplish the mission of the College and shall cause College assets to be adequately maintained and protected from unnecessary risk.

Administration shall:

  • Make decisions that include the considerations of life cycle costs, including preventative maintenance costs.
  • Oversee capital spending on necessary purchases.
  • Modify existing facilities with documented need.
  • Recommend land purchase decisions which include the consideration of acquisition, construction, and transportation costs.
  • Implement approved land purchases or permits, design, bid, or construction schedules that maintain or decrease costs or increase construction quality, except for reasons beyond the College’s reasonable control.
  • Operate with clear priorities when recommending building, renovating, maintaining or repairing facilities within available resources.
  • Prevent plant and equipment to be subjected to improper wear and tear or inadequate maintenance.
  • Insure against theft and casualty losses in amounts consistent with replacement values or against liability losses to Board members, staff, or the College itself in amounts consistent with limits of coverage obtained by comparable organizations.

Planning and coordination of facilities, construction requirements, renovations and remodeling, and the evaluation of space utilization will be provided on a district-wide basis in accordance with Wisconsin Statute Sec. 38 and Chapter TCS 5.  All purchases, leases, and contracts transacted shall directly support the operation of the College.  Purchases, leases, or contractual agreements shall not be made on behalf of an employee or official of the District.

On an annual basis, Administration shall prepare, adopt, and submit a Three-Year Facilities Plan to the Wisconsin Technical College System Office.  The Three-Year Plan shall include specified information regarding proposed facilities development projects for the planning period and meet other requirements as described in the WTCS Administrative Bulletin on Three-Year Facilities Plan.