2.04 Code of Ethics

Title: Code of Ethics
Number: BP 2.04
Adopted: April 1989
Reviewed: September 2015
Revised: March 2012

Each Trustee of the Nicolet Area Technical College District Board of Trustees (Board) is an appointed representative of the entire District.  The Trustees’ obligations, as a group, are both legal and ethical.  Each Trustee promises to carry out his/her duties with the very highest ethical conduct, and to carry out the Board’s requirements under the applicable education code provisions of the State of Wisconsin and such other local, state, and federal laws as apply.  District Board Trustees:

  • Assure that all actions and decisions are in the best interests of our students since this is the primary reason for the College's existence.
  • Recognize that each Trustee is only one member of a team, and that all Board actions are taken as a group in such a manner that the best interests of the entire College community are advanced.
  • Serve the interests of the community.  This accountability supersedes the personal interests of any Board Trustee.
  • Help create and sustain an atmosphere in which controversial issues or different philosophical stances can be presented fairly and in which the dignity of each individual is maintained.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility.
  • Shall never act in excess of lawful authority or commit an act forbidden by law in the conduct of official business.
  • Maintain confidentiality of privileged information and refuse to use his/her position on the Board in any way for personal gain.
  • Must recognize the lack of authority of any individual Board Trustee or group of Board Trustees except as noted in Board policies, when dealing with the President, staff, public, press or other entities.
  • Shall not discuss any personnel or performance issues in public.
  • Shall not intentionally solicit or accept anything of value including, but not limited to, any gift, loan, favor, or services given for the purpose of influencing a decision or action in the discharge of official duties.
  • Shall not vote on any matter before the Board which does or could result in personal financial gain or the financial gain of a family member, except as allowed in Section 946.13 of the Wisconsin Statutes or as otherwise permitted by law.  Each Trustee shall make a concerted effort to be aware of the details and scope of matters pending or brought before the Board so as to abstain from voting where a conflict or an unresolved potential conflict of interest may exist, and shall state publicly that the vote to abstain is because of a possible conflict of interest.
  • Shall observe the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law and not knowingly participate in closed meetings except as permitted by the Open Meetings Law.
  • Submit an annual economic interest statement to the Government Accountability Board.

Nothing in this policy shall deny a Trustee of this Board the rights of a citizen under the Constitution of the United States of America, Constitution of the State of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Statutes, or any other bona fide regulations of this state.


Violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate action as determined by the Nicolet Area Technical College Board of Trustees.