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What’s the Catch with Phishing?


Phishing email messages are crafted to look as if they’ve been sent from a legitimate organization. They often urge you to act quickly because your account has been compromised or someone is trying to send you money. Don’t take the bait! Their purpose is to fool you into visiting unsafe, yet believable websites or links so that you either download malware or reveal sensitive information such as an account number, address, or username and password.
If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, contact the company directly. Use the information provided on an account statement or another official document; do not use the information in the email. Most institutions have policies against asking for personal account information by email, so you should be skeptical of any message that requests your sensitive information.
Remember, these scams are not phishing for fish. It’s important to review all emails carefully, and never click a link or open an attachment if the email seems suspicious.
Stop. Think. Connect.