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Top Reasons to Earn College Credits in High School


How do you finish college on time and with less debt? Start early! Whether you’re graduating from high school early or looking to add another course or two to your schedule, taking college credits in high school will provide benefits that pay-off for years to come. Here's a list of the great reasons to get started ASAP.

Save Money

At Nicolet, tuition and fees for a 3-credit class are $584.40. At Wisconsin’s public universities, you’ll pay from $850 to $1550, and up to $4,000 at a private in-state university. Since our cost per credit is 2-3 times lower than public institutions and up to 7 times lower than private college credits, you’ll save money by learning local while still in high school.

Explore Your Interests

At Nicolet, classes are taught by instructors with real-world experience and insight on future careers. Gaining this knowledge before transferring to a university can make sure you choose a major that’s right for you from the beginning. Plus, with Nicolet’s University Transfer program, you know your credits will count. We have seamless transfer to EVERY University of Wisconsin four-year campus.

Gain College Experience

Taking classes on a college campus or even online introduces you to the world of higher education. This early college experience can build confidence and better prepare you for a four-year university and the independence that comes with it.

Receive Personalized Support and Guidance

As a Nicolet student, you’ll receive personalized support from an Academic Advisor on planning your education and exploring career goals. Plus, our classes are small so you’ll get to know your instructors and they’ll get to know you.

Improve College Admissions and Scholarship Chances

College admissions and scholarship committees consider many factors when reviewing applicants. Adding college credits to qualifying high school grades and good test scores demonstrates your strong abilities and initiative which could give your application an additional boost.

Finish On Time… or Early!

The time it takes to complete a college degree can directly influence student debt. Taking college credits while still in high school will make sure you finish your degree on time or even a semester or two early. Maximizing your time means you’ll also maximize your savings. 

There’s still time to get started. Contact our Dual Credit Coordinator, Sarah Gruber, for more information about earning college credits this spring. Classes begin January 6, 2021.