Mother and daughter sitting at kitchen table reviewing homework

A Parent's Perspective: How Your Child Can Earn College Credit in High School


As a parent of a high school student, the Start College Now program had a lot to offer my daughter. During her junior year of high school, she talked with her high school counselor about enrolling in a course at Nicolet. During the fall semester of her senior year, she was able to broaden her education by taking a philosophy course with college students at Nicolet. The course challenged her, expanded her thinking, and gave her the opportunity to take a college course while still at home. Plus, she received three college-level credits even before graduating high school.

Your student may be also be interested in this program, here are some things they should consider:

  • Ask questions. Start by talking with your high school counselor to find out if this program is right for you and if you are eligible.
  • Know the deadlines. Find out when the deadlines are and apply - Start College Now forms are due on March 1 for Fall Term and October 1 for Spring Term.
  • Be proactive. Determine your areas of interest and determine which course(s) will transfer to your next college or university.
  • Determine areas of interest. Make sure the college-level course(s) you’re interested in will benefit you in the future. Either by exploring career interests or applying credits to your future college major.
  • Take it seriously. Start College Now courses are just that... college-level courses that are academically rigorous. Find out early what’s expected from your instructor and what support is available to you. Be mindful of your grades and progress. Make sure you’re checking in with your instructor during the term so you stay on track and make the most out of this college experience.

Now my daughter is in her first year of college at a regional university. Her experience with Start College Now satisfied a liberal arts requirement for her education before she even started her four-year degree, saved her money on tuition, and gave her more confidence as she started her current coursework. I encourage you to learn more about Start College Now and other college in high school programs. They're worth it for your student.