mom and daughter at kitchen table discussing education

Help Your Child Answer the Question Of Paying For College


Paying for college. It’s something you think about as parents even before your children start preschool. Then, all of sudden, they’re juniors in high school, making plans for their future, and looking at you for answers about how to afford it all.
What if you could give them some options that would allow them more financial freedom while earning a quality education and set them up to have less debt in the future?
One of those opportunities is right in your own backyard: Nicolet College.
Just by attending Nicolet for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, your child could save more than $10,500 per year in tuition compared to starting at UW Madison. You know what that amount of money is worth as an adult; a decent car, a down payment on a house, the start of a good savings account.
And that’s just considering the savings on tuition. If your child chooses to learn local and live at home, they’re going to save even more by avoiding the high cost of the dorms.
Your child also has the real opportunity to earn scholarships and even FREE TUITION.
Right now through February 29, the Nicolet College Foundation’s online scholarship application is open. Encourage your college-bound child to apply. It’s easy and any scholarship money received is for your child’s education and does not need to be repaid.
The Nicolet Promise program is also open through March 1. This program strives to ensure that qualified students can afford to attend college without the use of student loans by providing free tuition. Check your student’s eligibility today.
Guiding your child through making decisions that will impact their future can be overwhelming, but there are options that can set your student up for a successful start and even greater outcomes. Talk to your child. Share these opportunities. Consider Nicolet College together.