Your Student Experience

Your experience as a Nicolet student is much more than your attendance in the classroom. Every time you meet someone new, attend a career workshop, or join a club, you are developing yourself both personally and professionally. Becoming an involved student helps you grow and opens a new world of opportunities.

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Participate In Leadership

The Student Leadership Council is Nicolet's student government organization. All students are automatically members and are encouraged to attend meetings and participate as Members at Large.

Clubs for You

Student clubs and organizations are an important part of the student experience at Nicolet. By joining a club, you have a great opportunity to gain educational experience and meet fellow students with common interests. 

Campus Activities & Events

Are you up for a game of frisbee golf in the field? Or an outdoor movie? How about just grabbing some popcorn every Wednesday? These are just some of the activities on campus. Check out the student calendar and email announcements to watch for upcoming events.

95% of students are happy with their experience at Nicolet.

2013-2017 graduate followup report
Nicolet College Campus Interior

The Lakeside Market
Lakeside Center - First Floor

Located within Bytes, the self-service market features snacks, beverages, sandwiches, and healthy grab-and-go options. Coffee lovers will find a fully-automated, touch-screen coffee brewer with Starbucks and Peet’s coffee, as well as a variety of hot specialty drinks. You’ll experience the convenience of self-checkout with multiple payment options, and an app for download to make purchases and manage your account. The market will be open extended hours, virtually anytime the Lakeside Center is open.

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