3.06 Fee and Tuition Remissions

Title: Fee and Tuition Remissions
Number: BP 3.06
Adopted: March 2012
Reviewed: September 2020
Revised: September 2015

The Nicolet Area Technical College District Board of Trustees (Board) shall charge student fees as established annually by the Wisconsin Technical College System State Board.  Students 62 years old and over shall be exempted from program fees in vocational−adult courses.  Students enrolled in adult high school, including students enrolled under adult basic education and English as a  second language courses shall be exempted from program fees.  Students 60 years of age or older are permitted to audit a course, other than a community service program, without paying an auditor’s fee if the person is a resident of this state, space is available in the course, and the instructor approves.

The Board may establish student activity and incidental fees under Wisconsin Statute Sec. 38.14(9), to fund, in whole or in part, the cost of services and activities offered as support services for regular instruction.  Wisconsin Statute Sec. 38.145, empowers students to plan the use of student activity and incidental fees.  This authority is to be exercised in consultation with the College President and the resulting plans are subject to confirmation by the Board.

Fee remissions shall be granted to eligible veterans, survivors, and other individuals as outlined in Wisconsin Statute Sec. 38.24.

Fee exemptions for up to 6 credits within the same occupational program for which the degree or diploma was awarded shall be granted to a Wisconsin resident graduate of an associate degree program or vocational diploma program, provided the graduate applies for the exemption within 6 months of graduation and any of the following applies:

  1. Within 90 days after his or her initial employment, the graduate’s employer certifies to the Board that the graduate lacks entry−level job skills and specifies in writing the specific areas in which the graduate’s skills are deficient.
  2. The graduate certifies that all of the following apply:
  3. The graduate has not secured employment in the occupational field in which he or she received the degree or diploma.
  4. The graduate has actively pursued employment in that occupational field.
  5. The graduate has not refused employment in that occupational field or in a related field.
  6. The graduate has actively sought the assistance of the district placement office.