5.02 Disposal of District Property

Title: Disposal of District Property
Number: AP 5.02
Adopted: June 2012
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: June 2020

When appropriate, Nicolet College will dispose of College property which is no longer useful or needed in programs or operations. Such disposal shall conform to the following guidelines:

  1. The President and Vice President of Finance and Administration authorizes the Director of Facilities to dispose of all outdated and/or unneeded vehicles, equipment, supplies, and other goods and materials.
  2. Items no longer useful or needed can be disposed of in any of the following ways:
    • Sale
    • Trade
    • Salvage  (to  an  external  organization  if  components  are  not  useful  in  other College programs)
    • Discard (if no market value or salvage potential exists)
  1. All computers (laptops, workstations, and servers), smart phones, and portable storage devices such as external hard drives and flash media used to store College operational or confidential data, regardless of their value, must be reformatted according to industry standards prior to disposal.
  2. The following procedures must be followed for all items:
    1. Gain appropriate authorization for disposal.
    2. Facilities compiles a list of items to dispose.
    3. The President, Vice President of Finance and Administration, and Director of Facilities meet to discuss the list of items to dispose.
    4. If the fair market value is equal to or greater than $25,000, the Director of Facilities obtains approval from the Wisconsin Technical College System President prior to disposal. This state approval requirement also applies to trade-ins.
    5. Facilities disposes of property and obtains release of liability from the entity receiving the College property.
    6. Business Office applies funds accordingly.
  3. Disposal of items acquired through various federal and state programs, such as surplus property and grant funding, shall be in strict accordance with the guidelines of those programs or grants.
  4. Payment must be received before any item is released to a buyer.
  5. Asset tags are removed from all disposed items and sent to the Director of Business Services.
  6. Director of Business Services removes disposed items from the inventory list maintained in the Business Office.