2.08 Advisory Committees

Title: Advisory Committees
Number: AP 2.08
Adopted: August 2012
Reviewed: July 2020
Revised: July 2020

General Guidelines

The Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs will maintain a list of all advisory committee members, including their names and membership designations. Committees should have a minimum of six (6) members. This list will be updated annually and presented to the District Board of Trustees for informational purposes.

Advisory committee meetings are open meetings and subject to all provisions. Each advisory committee will develop an annual meeting schedule; each scheduled meeting will have an agenda and the minutes from the meeting will be maintained by the Dean, Director, or Associate Dean responsible for the committee.

All files pertaining to program advisory committees will be available for Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Office staff review.

Occupational Program Advisory Committees

Nicolet College will establish advisory committees for each occupational program. The committee’s purpose is to advise the College on how well the program meets workforce needs. The committee can oversee either a single program or multiple programs with a related occupational focus. The membership of multiple-program committees should include individuals who represent all of the targeted occupations.

Advisory committee memberships should include equal representation of employers and employees and be representative of geographic location and racial and gender diversity. Participation on advisory committees by students, representatives of secondary schools, general education instructors, and post-secondary schools is also highly recommended.

Apprenticeship Advisory Committees

State Apprenticeship Trade Advisory Committees appointed by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (BAS) of the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) are officially recognized as advisory to both the BAS and to the WTCS on policy and program matters related to curriculum, related instruction, and delivery service requirements for their trade. For construction trades, local apprenticeship committees appointed by BAS will serve as WTCS District advisory committees. In the case of industrial or service sector programs, multi-trade or multi-program local committees may be established provided that at least one member of the committee is a member of the apprentice trade that is being reviewed. Equal representation of employers and employees, racial and gender diversity, and geographic location of apprentices should be considered in the appointment process.

Collegiate/Liberal Arts Transfer Advisory Committee

Nicolet College will establish an advisory committee to oversee the development and maintenance of the Collegiate/Liberal Arts Transfer program. Membership will include faculty and staff from private/public 2- and 4-year universities and colleges, PK-12 faculty and staff, employers and employees, community members, and students. Racial and gender diversity and geographic location should be considered in the appointment process.

Special Advisory Committees

Nicolet College will establish special advisory committees for adult and continuing education or non-program activities. These special committees have a primary responsibility of providing communications among the constituents. This includes the community, government agencies, educational institutions, and/or businesses and industries they serve.