7.01: Acceptable Use of Technology Resources

Title: Acceptable Use of Technology Resources
Number: AP 7.01
Adopted: March 2004
Reviewed: August 2023
Revised: August 2023

Nicolet College provides computer equipment, computing resources, and digital media to support college business. The use of these resources is limited to the purposes for which they were provided. All computer equipment, resources, employee accounts, transmissions, and data stored on college systems are considered college property and are subject to review and open records requests. Security analysis and maintenance systems may be employed to monitor unauthorized use of computing equipment and resources. With appropriate authorization, Information Technology staff may access data, accounts, and transmissions for troubleshooting, maintenance, or forensic purposes.

Ethical Use of Digital Technology and Media

Employees are entrusted with ethical obligations in their use of college computers, resources, and digital media. They will act as trusted agents in accessing, generating, storing, and printing records/documents directly relating to assigned work tasks. College computers, digital devices, and digital media will be used for college-related business; use for personal monetary gain or commercial use is prohibited. Unattended computers and devices must be locked or logged out, and operational or confidential materials must be securely stored.

Inappropriate Use of Digital Technology and Media

Users are prohibited from accessing, retrieving, saving, viewing, printing, disseminating, or displaying information that includes but is not limited to:

- Discriminatory, harassing, or insulting content based on protected statuses.

- Derogatory or offensive comments or content.

- Defamatory or threatening comments or content.

- Obscene, pornographic, or offensive materials.

- Unauthorized access, copying, or manipulation of data.

- Commercial, religious, or political solicitations.

- Unauthorized sharing or downloading of files.

- Unauthorized use of another person’s password.

System Network Access and User IDs

Employees will receive a User ID with network and system access appropriate for their roles. System credentials should be protected and not shared with others.

Data Storage

Employees are required to use only the following approved data storage solutions for college-related data:

  • College-provided Network Drives: Sensitive and confidential information should be stored on college-provided network drives that are regularly backed up, available for open record requests, and maintained by the IT department.
  • Internal File Sharing Platforms: College-approved internal file-sharing platforms can be used for collaboration and sharing among authorized personnel. These platforms are monitored and maintained by the IT department to ensure data security.

College data should not be stored on unapproved systems such as Google Docs and Google Drive due to potential security and privacy risks associated with unauthorized third-party storage.

Incident Reporting

Suspected violations of this policy must be reported to the supervisor, Human Resources, or the Chief Information Officer immediately.

Disposal of Computer Equipment

When college-owned computer equipment reaches the end of its useful life or is no longer needed, IT will work with authorized e-waste vendors who specialize in secure computer equipment disposal. If computer equipment is still functional and can be repurposed, it may be transferred to another department or employee after undergoing data sanitization. This process is documented and tracked by the IT department.  In addition to data security, the college is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. By properly disposing of electronic equipment, we contribute to sustainable practices and reduce electronic waste.

Recognition of Copyrights and End User License Agreements

All users of college computer resources are expected to comply with copyright laws and regulations. Copyrighted materials include but are not limited to text, images, software, audio, video, and other digital content.  Users must respect end-user licenses and terms of usage. Unauthorized copying, distribution, or modification of software is prohibited.

Disciplinary Action

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.