7.02 Student E-mail

Title: Student Email
Number: AP 7.02
Adopted: March 1995
Reviewed: June 2020
Revised: June 2017

E-mail is an official method for faculty, staff, and student communication. Students receive an official Nicolet College e-mail address during the application/registration process.  The College e-mail address is designated as the official communication vehicle to provide information to students regarding registration for classes, business transactions, advising, campus activities, and other information needed to enhance the college experience.

Guidelines for Student E-mail Accounts

  • A user guide will be provided for basic e-mail accounts.
  • E-mail message filtering support will be available, either automatically or user-selectable.
  • Accounts will automatically be removed after two consecutive terms of no class activity.
  • Account properties are as follows:
  1. E-mail addresses are generated using the following algorithm:
  • E-mail address cannot be less than three characters
  • First Name initial + Middle initial + Last name
  • In the event of a duplicate, an integer will be added to the username

Expectations Regarding Student Use of E-mail

E-mail messages sent by faculty and staff to students are considered official communication. Students are expected to check their Nicolet College official e-mail account frequently in order to remain informed of College-related communications.  Since faculty and instructional academic staff determine how e-mail is used in their classes, they can require students to check their e-mail on a specific schedule. 

Appropriate Use of Student E-mail

E-mail is not appropriate for transmitting sensitive or confidential information.  All use of e-mail will also be consistent with local, state, and federal law, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Student e-mail use is subject to AP 7.01 Acceptable Use of Computers and Electronic Media and AP 1.06 Students Standards of Conduct.