reporting a cybercrime

Reporting a Cybercrime


So you think you're the victim of a cybercrime.. now what?

You should report the situation as soon as you find out about it. We encourage Wisconsin citizens to report cyber incidents to the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center (WSIC) by emailing or by calling 888-324-9742. In addition to the WSIC there are several resources available to you:

Local Law Enforcement
Regardless of whether the cybercrime takes place over multiple jurisdictions, your local police department must make a formal report and refer the case to other agencies, when appropriate. Some local agencies have departments that focus specifically on cybercrime.

Internet Crime Complaint Center
The internet Crime Complaint Center (iCS) is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. It reviews complaints related to cybercrime and refers them tot he appropriate agencies. File a compliant online at:

Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau investigates disagreements between business and customers. File a complaint online at:

US Postal Inspection Service
The US Postal Inspection Service investigates fraudulent online auctions and other cases involving the mail. You can file a complaint at

Federal Trade Commission
The FTC operates the Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database used by civil and law enforcement agencies worldwide to expose patterns of cybercrime. You can file a complaint online at

In cases of identity theft, call the FTC hotline at 877-IDTHEFT or visit: