Nicolet Campus

Great Places to Study At Nicolet College


When it comes to studying, some people prefer to study in quiet spots; others prefer a little bit of action around them. Here at Nicolet College, there are many obvious and “hidden gem” areas that would make perfect study spots. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Lakeside Center Patio Area. This is a fantastic spot to sit outside and study. As far as noise and traffic, you’re basically dealing with animals and birds. If you don’t mind the squirrels conversing in the trees, head outside for a relaxing study break. This is a great people watching area.
  1. Red Oak Center - First Floor Commons. If you’re more of an indoor studying person, this is a nice, quiet place to study. You can take the whole table to spread out, plus look out the windows and get the feeling of being outside. There is also an exercise bike with a panel to place your laptop so you can get in a workout while you study. It’s a great opportunity to multi-task!
  1. Lakeside Market. This location is full of snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day. The delicious grab-n-go selections offer a variety of options. Plus, they have plenty of hot and iced coffee. Not a coffee drinker? They have sodas, energy drinks, and water too. There are several tables and a high-top counter to give you a few options. Remember, this is a bit of high-traffic location, so if you’re prone to distractions, steer clear.
  1. Lakeside Commons Area - Second Floor. Go to the second floor and you’ll see all sorts of studying areas including the tables, lounge chairs, private study rooms, and high-top counter areas. Plus, you are close to the Library and other student resources.
  2. The Library. Located on the third floor of the Lakeside Center, the Library is the perfect place to study if you're looking for a quiet spot with access to loads of resources for research. The friendly staff is also available to answer any questions or to recommend a great book.

There are several other spots on campus you might like. Explore campus and take a walk around. You might just find yourself a “hidden gem” study spot.