College students at a holiday party

The Best Gifts for the College Student in Your Life

There’s still one week left till the big holiday! Maybe you have all of your gifts purchased, but if you’re still looking for that perfect something for the college student in your life, here are a few last minute ideas.

1. A Full Toolbox

For many traditional-age students, college is the first experience living away from home. They don’t have dear old dad or mom close by to fix the leaky faucet or hang a photo. Grab some extra tools or purchase new ones to fill a toolbox for your independent student. Just remember to teach them how to use the tools first.

2. Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers

There’s not a college student alive that couldn’t use a decent pair of headphones or a bluetooth speaker. From noise-canceling to portable to pocket-size, the options are endless with many affordable choices available on the market.

 3. Blue Light Glasses

Today’s college student spends an enormous amount of time in front of a screen due to academic and personal use of laptops, tablets, cell-phones, and the like. All this visual stimulus and blue light is hard on the eyes. Blue light glasses work to reduce this strain by filtering out the harmful light. Students claim it decreases eye fatigue, headaches, and vision issues related to overuse.

4. Textbook or Tuition Gift Certificates

This will depend on your student’s college, but many institutions offer “gift certificates” for tuition or textbooks. Since these are often the greatest costs of education, your student will truly appreciate the gift of savings.

5. Room Safe

Many college students live with roommates or in a dorm where theft can be an issue. A small room safe will keep their valuables locked up and safe from dishonest friends and foes.

6. OTT Subscription

OTT stands for Over The Top referring to content that is delivered over TV via the Internet including subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO Go, etc. Although your college student should be spending more time studying than watching their favorite shows, binge –watching is a popular pastime of many college goers – even the hard-working ones.

7. Wireless Phone Charger

Let’s face it, cell phones have become an essential tool for many individuals especially college-age students. Having the option to charge a phone without plugging it in can come in handy for students who may spend an entire day away from their personal space or for the adventure seeking student who enjoys camping or hiking on the weekends.

8. External Hard Drive

This is not the most exciting gift, but your college student will thank you for this one when their system crashes and all of their hard work has been saved externally.

9. Gas Card & Vehicle Emergency Kit

Driving to school, commuting to a job or internship, traveling home for holidays; with all the driving your student likely does (and maybe not in the best of vehicles), gas cards and an emergency kit is a smart and handy gift to keep in the trunk. It’s easy to make a kit yourself or you can even purchase a premade one. Don’t forget the jumper cables!

10. Professional Clothing

One thing many college students don’t own, but will hopefully need, are nice clothes for future job interviews or an Internship. Think blazers, dress pants/skirts/shirts, and even appropriate socks and shoes to wear in a professional setting. Sometimes the need for these items happens suddenly so it’s always good to have an interview-ready outfit on hand.

11. Games

Board games are making a come-back and there are many new and trendy options that appeal to young adults. Or, stick with a traditional favorite like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. Either way, games make for a fun study break and are highly popular on college campuses