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Be Cyber Aware


It’s more important than ever to “Be Cyber Aware.” But what does that really mean? Simply put, it means thinking through your daily interactions with technology whether that’s checking your email, posting to social media, or shopping online. There’s a staggering amount of our personal information stored on computers and therefore, we’re all at risk for a cyberattack. The best way to protect yourself from cybercriminals is awareness. Our “Be Cyber Aware” campaign will explore a new topic each month to help you learn more about cybersecurity and how to keep your online activity safe.
Here are some general tips to get you started:
Keep a clean machine – Having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are the best defenses against online threats.
Protect all devices that connect to the Internet
– Install trusted antivirus tools and keep them up to date.
Be mindful of what you download – Exercise caution when downloading anything from public websites and be especially wary of pop-up windows or requests to install browser components.
Pay attention when installing applications – If you decide to install an application from the Internet, make sure you read and understand all license and privacy agreements, and pay attention to instructions and additional prompts.
When in doubt, throw it out – Links and attachments in emails, posts, and online advertisements are often used to compromise your computer. Regardless of whether you know the source, if it looks suspicious, delete the message.
Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your cyber activity.
Stop. Think. Connect.