8.03 Bulletin Board Posting

Title: Bulletin Board Posting
Number: AP 8.03
Adopted: August 1996
Reviewed: June 2018
Revised: August 2012

The College has two types of bulletin boards:  Public and College.

On public bulletin boards, all items should be dated, and will be removed monthly.  If the item is for an event, it will be removed after one month or immediately after the event has occurred.  The College reserves the right to remove items from public bulletin boards.

College bulletin boards are located in each building and are used to communicate official government and College information.  Examples may include information on:

  • Equal employment opportunity, wage and hour, health and safety, and other issues;
  • College policies;
  • College business announcements such as job postings benefit programs, and events.

Informational items may only be posted on public bulletin boards.  Items affixed to other surfaces (woodwork, windows, doors, etc.) will be removed daily, with the exception of office areas.